Pre-Trial Assistance Print

Working closely with counsel and other related experts, our firm will participate as part of the team to quantify the value estimate, acquisition, asset disposal or expropriation problem.

The tasks include identifying and co-ordinating various experts employed in their specialized fields. Our services would typically consist of a critique of other appraisal reports, assistance with the preparation of examination for discovery, pre-trial or cross-examination at trial, court appearances and /or the arbitration of real estate valuation issues.

GavelOur critiquing other appraisal reports could involve the entire report, or as little as one or two sections, such as the estimate of Highest and Best Use or the appraiser’s determination regarding a property’s zoning bylaw compliance. It could also involve our opinion of the suitability and/or comparability of the comparable sales utilized in the report.

Assistance with preparation for examination for discovery, pre-trial or cross examination at trial could include the preparation of specific questions designed to solicit an appropriate response from experts involved in the overall valuation process. As well, clarification of strong or weak areas of the report under discussion and requiring additional explanation would also be included.