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While the firm has the capacity to handle all types of residential appraisal assignments, it has begun to focus on the ‘out of the ordinary’, custom constructed as well as ‘carriage trade’ residences that require a more detailed inspection and a greater evaluation analysis.

Industrial and Commercial
Similarly, while the firm still handles all manner of ICI type properties, it has focused on the ‘out of the ordinary’ property types as well as appraisal assignments. Property types include industrial, commercial and rental apartment buildings. Non-mainstream type properties include marinas, island properties, trailer parks, gravel pits and golf courses.

We offer valuations and consulting services affecting hobby farms, working farms and large rural estate type holdings. Agricultural specialty areas include large equestrian riding centres with indoor riding arenas and/or training tracks, broiler operations, dairy farms and abattoirs.

Contaminated Properties
The evaluation of contaminated/defective properties involves not only pursuing a typical valuation but also, estimating a cost to remediate, additional vacancy, financing and insurance costs as well as buyer contingency and entrepreneurial incentives, governmental regulations and clean-up approvals and stigmatization.

Development Properties
Our firm provides all manner of professional assistance that covers all aspects of the development process including feasibility studies and land use studies.

Governmental Agencies
As well, our firm provides valuations utilized by Municipalities for purposes of acquisition, partial takings including road widenings, expropriations and 5% cash in lieu of parkland contribution.