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If you have you been notified by a governmental agency advising that either a portion or the whole of your property is required for municipal/federal purposes such as a road widening, parkland dedication/expansion, municipal or federal building site, airport lands, call our firm for a preliminary consultation.

Our firm has completed various appraisal assignments involving properties that have been marked for road widenings, parklands, federal airport land expansion, etc.

The property owners represented by our firm for purposes of road widenings, partial takings or complete expropriation were all awarded additional compensation, above and beyond what was originally offered to them, as a result of our valuation prepared on their behalf.

The expropriation Act entitles property owners not only compensation for the market value of the lands taken but also for additional items such as loss of landscaping, fencing, paved driveways, established trees, etc.  As well ,there is compensation available to compensate for additional road noise were applicable.

In the case of commercial or industrial properties, compensation for loss of sales or rental income, whether temporary or permanent, is also available - as is compensation for diminuation of access / egress.

If you have been notified that a part or all of your property is required by a municipal authority, then a professional valuation and consultation will ensure that you are receiving what you are entitled to under the Expropriations Act.